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On a demandé à un Data Analyst/Scientist...24 mars 2023

Give me an example of you thinking creatively


Com o que você trabalhou?

Questions were related to Spark, Hadoop, Hive, SQL and Python

Singapore Press

more about technical stack of what we are working on

Alibaba Group

1. SQL, like left join 2. compare L1 and L2 regularization 3. compare bagging and boosting 4. Tell something about hyphthesis test. 5. Future plan, would you like to work in Hangzhou in the future I'm still waiting for some updates.

Just Eat

How do you monitor a system in production?


There were a lot of competency type interviews.


Perguntas padrões sobre momento profissional, desafio que busco, experiências e cases.


How proficient are you in Ms. Excel? Have you worked in the security domain?


Asked about my past experience as listed on my CV

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