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On a demandé à Data Scientist...24 mai 2022

How to visualize multi-dimensional data?

Altada Technology Solutions

General and specific question about techniques used to implement different AI models.

Tiger Analytics

Maths and logical questions. Basic analytical knowledge is required

Tata Consultancy Services

1. what is a data warehouse? 2. azure data lake? 3. power bi service features? 4. diff between azure SQL and SQL server? 5. dax ? 6. parameters in power bi?


Why do you want to work at MindGeek?


What is recommendation system. Difference between Linear and Logistic regression Decision tree how to deal Outliers why do we scale data

FWD Group Management Holding

What are your tech skills and your level of expertise with those.


Q1 What is range in Python ? Q2 What are iterators in Python ? Q3 Have you ever used enumerators ? Q4 Some very easy python coding questions. Q5 Coalesce vs repartition ? Simple spark questions

Smollan Group

How my skills matched the requirements of the job.

The Sparks Foundation

Their was no interview their

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