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Case study

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Could you please advise what was questions in both test and video interview?

Basic data manipulation.

And video had stats qs and clinical data case study. Don’t know if that is last stage.

How to choose emotions in like/dislike systems and any problems in the A/B test.

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Tell me about yourself and what motivated you to pursue your IT degree at Uni? What kind of job are you looking for?

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Let's say you finished developing a machine learning model and you are getting 95% accuracy. Should you be happy?

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lots of probability questions but they were not too hard

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They asked computer skill questions to determine my computer use skill level. They also asked several questions relating to analysis work. They asked me to provide examples of when I worked as part of a team and when I worked alone. How did I manage stress and what type of environment I like to work, and where I see myself in a couple of years and what my career aspirations are. The questions were not always easy but the HR contractor was very patient and gave me examples of situations so that I could think about the questions and answer them in the best way. The HR contractor made the interview process fun. When I left the interview I was not stressed at all which is unusual for me as I am a perfectionist.

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2) What is generally considered a trade-off in machine learning?

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How do you approach using SQL for a complex query?

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Consider the following bit string 11?100 you need to write a method which can replace this question mark with 1 & 0 Output should be: 110100 , 111100 This should be implemented for N number of question mark each time replaced with 1 and then with 0

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How do you evaluate model performance?

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