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On a demandé à un Customer Success Representative...16 mai 2020

How do I add a favicon (chat), why can't my friends and family visit my store (chat), what plan should a merchant sign up for (phone), and why would a merchant's re-launch on Shopify not be successful (email)

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Make sure you use your words rather than just links, as they said this was the reason they did not move forward with my application. They stress "human" interaction from their employees to the merchants, so if you find what you are looking for, summarize it in your own words. Moins


Why are you changing positions? Why GrowthPlug?

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Looking for more growth opportunities with better PTO. There is so much room for growth at GrowthPlug and with continued success, there are great bonuses and commissions. Moins


Can you share with me more about you resume credentials listed -

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Brief overview of how each credential was gained and accomplishments reached while in the said role. Moins


There were no unexpected questions.

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I answered general questions only.


What do you enjoy to do for fun?

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At the end of the day, the quality of life is all we have, and it's just as important to that lobster, the quality of life that it lives - even if it's not as long - as the quality of your life. - John Mackey Moins


Why are you interested in ZenPayroll and in this job in particular

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I am interested in ZenPayroll, because I align with the company's core values and feel that they have a great product. I also feel that the company is one that values dedication and promotes from within. I am particularly interested in the Customer Advocate position, because I enjoy helping people and this is a role which will allow me to do that. Moins


What is something you would not like to see at the workplace? (Never been asked this question and I thought it was a great question to ask)

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No communication between employee and manager.

RevenueWell Systems

Why come and work for RevenueWell?

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Why not! The team and environment seems open to new ideas and engaging, a fertile ground for growth and development and I think that I could plant roots here and grow as this company grows. Moins


Why do you think your good for the position?

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It was good


They asked about my experience and questions to see what kind of person I was.

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I answered them honestly, and the interviews were very comfortable.

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