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On a demandé à un Customer Service Specialist...20 septembre 2016

What advantage will I have if I hire you?

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Since you know what you're looking for and I am still learning about your company. From what I've learned, i knew you are looking for someone who will be able to handle customer concerns quickly and effectively, when i was a tour consultant, i handle the customers with care and they became a loyal customers with my previous company Moins

Through past experience and skills I gain over the year, I hope it would help on my role as Agoda Customer Services Specialist. I strongly believe that a good team of Customer Services will support the organizations flow inside and outside. Moins

Honestly, I possess all the skills and experience that you're looking for. I'm pretty confident that I am the best candidate for this job role. It's not just my background in the past projects, but also my people skills, which will be applicable in this position. Moins

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Alight Solutions

We can not match your salary expectation. Are you still interested in applying for this position?

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Oaky it’s fine, sure am interested.

Yes, I am still interested in the position.

yes am still interested to work with you

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Best Buy

Sell me this pen.....

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Absolutely right on selling value. Don't sell what it IS; sell what it MEANS to them. Here's an idea to build on: "Let's think about what you're using this pen for. When you're working on important documents or really any document for that matter, your handwriting describes you and it puts your park on a piece of paper. Using a run-of-the-mill pen, sure, it gets the job done, but compare that to THIS pen. Its gel grip makes it comfortable to hold and the ink flows smoothly, leaving that almost 'shiny' writing. It looks classy and stands out from the writing left by other pens and again, that's a classy reflection of you. It's really your decision; do you want do go with something that makes your work stand out or something that just gets by?" Say that to an interviewer and they'll either laugh at you or say "that was awesome" and hire you. If they happen to give you a crappy pen, then I guess you can just sell it based on how it still works. :-) Moins

Show value in item. Show customer why they need it/how it will make their life easier. Never call an Black tie protection a warranty. Moins

Mark* on a piece of paper


How do you screen shot using the iMac?

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I really didn't know at the time because I was used to using a PC

Would they hold that against you, if you didn't know because you might not have Mac experience? (Gasp! I realize what year it is and love my Droid. ;) ) Did you have to take an online assessment and do they reveal your score? Moins

No they didn't hold it against you. N u do take test online but as long as you know basic things you will be ok. Moins

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Republic Services

What do you know about Republic Services?

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Republic Service is a company that provides non-hazardous waste and recycling services to help maintain a clean environment. Moins

Collection of waste

Up and coming waste company.

Discount Car and Truck Rentals

how would you up sell this vehicle?

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Benefits to the customer, why this bigger vehicle is better for them. Be ready to have a background test done, Credit check, and abstract check for no violations on License. Moins

Is by telling customers the functions of the begged vehicle and confused them by telling customers the vehicle is best ,and give they your promise when they use it they will like it. Moins

Because is faster and it easy to control.


"Are you a gamer?" "Tell us about yourself."

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Gaming is my passion. I starve to get to play new games. I am really excited about brawl stars, but clash royale is still my favourite game. I also love playing the 2v2 update of Clash Royale with my friends. Its the best feeling. Moins

Novo brawler novo Marcelo

Yes sure i am a gamer I am 25 years and I'm from Libya I play alot of games Now in these days I play Clash of Clans Boom beach Clash Royal I love them Any way I'm looking for a job I have a diploma in communications Moins


General Job questions

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Maybe 2 minutes

Hi, did you reply? I think it got remove. Probably a simpler answer, so it wont get remove? Moins

Hi, how long do you wait till they called you and accept you?

CPM International Contact Centre

A presentation and a written test

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General presentation about myself and answered general questions

Arabic (Fluent), English (Very good) (Spanish studying)

Arabic (Fluent), English (fluent) (Spanish studying)


What would you do if your computer shut down?

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Tell the customer you are having technical problems. People will relate to technical issues. Ask if they can hold one minute while you get your supervisor if that's possible. If you are working from home and your computer shuts down you probably will only have the customer on the phone and won't be able to transfer the call or do anything for them. In that case, I would suggest asking them to call back again. Give them a 1-800 number and apologize. Moins

Inform your customers you have having technical difficulties and lead to the another working cash register/computer if there isn't just one then start up your computer again. Attempt to fix the problem ask workers, if all fails let your supervisor know Moins

Call the manager, and try to still assist your customer in a calmly matter

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