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Tell me one time when you dealt with difficulty with customers

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Did you get an offer? I had the face to face interview as well in Oct and im still waiting for the result.

yes I did get the offer today by phone. Wish you luck too! very excited for new experiences :)

Hi I had my face to face interview in Oct. and waiting for the result too. May I ask when the training will be taking place? thanks!

Are you a detailed oriented or "big picture" type of person?

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What is the most useful metric from the Financial Statements for lenders?

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"What do you think your best friend would say are your 3 best and worst qualities?"

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What does the law of averages mean to you?

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Why would it be good working with you.

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Have you ever been asked to leave a position?

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State a situation when you had to share a bad news.

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What do you think we could have done to improve this interview process?

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What are your salary expectations?

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