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"What do you think your best friend would say are your 3 best and worst qualities?"

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Hello There, Can you please tell me if you had both written and video interview? Just wondering if the next step is the personal interview? Thank you so much Regards!

I went through the written and video interview process too then received a personal interview.

Thank you dear. Also if you don't mind me asking again, will the HR decide after the personal interview right away or did they contact you after? I applied for Passenger Service Ambassador and the training starts on May 13. Thank You:)

Who do you voice your concerns to about the CSR manager or branch manager ?

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How do you handle a challenge, stress or pressure in the workplace?

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What you do to resolve such a problem. Customer has no money in account but wants to withdraw 100 dollors today

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1) Tell me about a time when you demonstrated great customer service by promoting or up selling a product or service the customer may not have otherwise considered? What specifically did the customer come in to buy and what were you able to up sell to him/her? 2) Describe a time when you were able to make a significant contribution to a team effort, goal or objective.

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Mostly behavioral questions. Nothing unexpected. Just follow these basic questions and provide your best personal experience.

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Describe what is "friendly" means.

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why you leave your current position

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Are you comportable with presentating products to people?

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Why did i choose that specific Location ,how long have you been with Tims , how much experience do you have

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