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Reign Management (NJ)
On a demandé à un Account Manager - Hospitality Experience...16 août 2018

Can you work late hours?

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You are expected to work +12 hours a day 5-6 days a week

ReedHein & Associates

Tell me about your work history.

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Basic overview of what you've done in the past.


The interview was mainly focused on my ability to coach team leads. I was asked to provide several examples of difficult employee management situations and how I handled it.

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I was honest about two difficult employee situations, one with an employee who said they wanted to move into management but did not complete the training options I provided to help them get up to speed on a technical level. Another was with an employee who suddenly started showing up late and leaving early with weird excuses. In the latter situation I found out she was having childcare issues that she was scared to talk about due to losing a job over it at another company. We were able to work around it until she found reliable care for her child and her productivity improved after opening up about this challenge. She has since gone onto have great career growth while balancing motherhood which made me really happy! Moins

CA Technologies

Nothing very surprising, standard interviewing techniques.

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Can I ask what question they asked you? What kind of interview technique do you recommend? Moins

J. C. Penney

If you were in a certain situation?

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Team orientated questions, situations showing your leadership and resilience.

Brussels Airlines

Expliquer votre parcours et pourquoi vous proposez votre candidature

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Avec une présentation de ma carrière


What attracted me to the role?

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I researched the company and was compelled by the products and growth opportunities in the marketplace. Moins


Are you willing to work weekends and extra hours?

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No. The original advert was for some weekends and for set hours on a shift basis with a salary. They expect you to work extra hours at the drop of a hat with no pay. Also you have to use your own vehicle which they contribute pertol to but not wear and tear or extra business use insurance. Moins


Asked about weaknesses on second round interview.

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I answered it with an acknowledgement that I love to work with a fast paces team and I have continuously worked to set my pace to others. I know that it is something that I have to continue to work on but it doesn't nor has it ever impacted any of my relationships with stakeholders in any role I have worked in. The interviewer kept pushing the issue and asking more questions on it, I felt like I was a little under scrutinisation as we remained on this question for quite some time like I was being pushed to mess up the answer. Moins

Club Quarters

How do you set yourself apart from the next person?

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I'm a driven solution seeker that uses logic over emotion

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