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Sagacious Consultants
On a demandé à un Business Development/Account Manager...14 août 2015

Mostly what accounts have you brought on-board your current company? How many people do you have at those accounts

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How did you get that account? Who at the site did you speak with to get that account? Moins

I was recently hired at Sagacious Consultants, and have to disagree 100% with this question. I am very well versed in Healthcare IT, and Healthcare IT staffing, so they had no need to validate my experience with specific client questions. It was likely that these questions to the candidate stemmed from the interviewer's hesitation about their said experience and was delving further to seek if this person truly had the experience they stated they had (if the questions were even asked at all). Sagacious is a #1 in KLAS consulting firm who is currently #1 in KLAS for 2015; they have relationships with most of the Epic clients in the country, and are beginning to see traction overseas in the international market. If this person was not extended an offer it was not because Sagacious Consultants wanted information from them, it was because this person was not qualified for the position in which they applied. Moins

Nestlé USA

what is your goal in 5 years

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to be developed

Procter & Gamble

All behavioral interview questions as in tell me about a time where?

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I prepped online and read many interview questions prior

American Income Life

What can you bring to our team?

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In addition to my experience, I'd bring a really good a can-do attitude and a willingness to take on any task. At my last job, I was always looking for ways to help out, I love tackling difficult projects and that I thrive in roles where I get to lead but also team up with others." Moins

Mondelēz International

How do you approach difficult scenarios and negotiate to win?

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I cited a recent example and looked to the STAR method

Rentokil Initial

One thing I remember was what is/are the lowlights of my life that i may say that greatly affect my well being and how i took it as I get through it. (Asked by Managing Director and Sales Director)

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It is when my mother died last Dec 2020, that was the time that our lives (siblings) were challenged. Happening that in pandemic is very depressing but it took me the chance to accept that life is not always in the upper side we need to experience also down side of our lives to discover ourselves and come out into our shell explore the world. It helps us do things that we never did before and develop to discover our selves more. Moins


Questions about my experience at a job that was prior to my recent one so had to recall the position challenges from 4 years ago. Could do it but was not easy.

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Seems like a decent place to work and I liked the CEO. I was unable to get a call or email after the last interview as a follow-up, tried many times. Moins


What are your greatest accomplishments in your past roles?

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Answered with specific things that were achieved at other companies.

education ; professional experience; personal information

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dates and facts ( according resume): examples from my experience

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