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Women In Technology International
On a demandé à Copy Writer...31 mai 2019

Are you tech savvy?

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Why do you want this position?

Engine Service Design

When could I start?

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Virginia Commonwealth University

Am I comfortable in a developing creative department?

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I have ten years in similar positions so I answered yes, then elaborated.


Do you have email marketing experience?

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I presented the hiring manager with my portfolio of writing samples.

The Agora

What is your familiarity with CMS systems?

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I use Jira, Confluence and MadCap.


To detail my experience starting from when I graduated from college

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I walked her through my resume, even though the most relevant experience was from the last 5 years Moins


Why there is 2 years gaps in your resume?!

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I was studying ...


Previous work history.

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We went through my CV and portfolio


Why Spreetail?

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I like freelance work, but I'm ready to be part of a team again and have regular hours. After I read the article saying you guys were hiring, I investigated. I love your commitment to employees and the community. Obviously with businesses the goal is to make money. I appreciate that you care about the people who help you do that, and invest in your communities with the profits. That's pretty unique. I also like your work culture. I want to be able to grab drinks with my coworkers at the end of the day. I want someone that has my back and that I care enough about to spend long nights working side-by-side. It's like a group project, but with all the overachievers on one team. Moins


what books i Read ?

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how do you go about creating content strategy ?

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