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Pacific Office Automation
On a demandé à un Copier Technician...11 juin 2016

what kind of hobbies do you like.

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first time i was honest i dodnt get a job. second time i mentioned a hobby related to the job is when i got my first personal interview. Moins

Play badminton, gain knowledge about everything, singing, dancing, traveling

What type of management style works best for you

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Easy going


Which area are you have strongest skills: humanities of math?

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Pacific Office Automation

asking personal questions

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they do ask alot of personal questikns i really did not wanted to share because in reality they dont care. Moins


Why should we hire you?

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Why should i work for you?

Canon Solutions America

Why don't you come over for the same money??"

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I don't think so.. Why would I throw away 25 years??

Atlantic Business Systems

What was your role at your most recent employer?

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Provided technical support for multi-function printing devices by greatly improving customer relationships and work flow within the work environment. Moins

Canon Solutions America

Why do you want to work for our company?

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It wasn't an unexpected question, but I had failed to properly research the company before the interview, so I had to wing it. Moins

Valley Office Systems

Quizzed on electronic symbols.

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Answered the appropriate term for each symbol.

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