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Can you make gut decisions? What's short selling? If I gave you a bottle of water (which he didn't) how would you be able to tell the distance to the ground? If I gave you a job offer - can you make a decision in 15 minutes? He didn't ask about my qualifications - he didn't even look at my resume! He's head was buried in the questionnaire - no eye contact! The receptionist mentioned that they are interviewing 15 candidates per day! Do yourself a favour and do not apply!

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I left in the middle - not worth my time....

What would you do if you saw a Colleague cheat the company?

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Have you ever worked with Letters of Credit?

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Ability to take on current ERP conversion to Oracle.

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Tell me about lean manufacturing, do you know what six sigma is, have you had any experience in a leadership role, what MRP systems have you worked with and how knowledgeable are you with SAP. Are you efficient with Microsoft Excel

How did you navigate politics at an executive level?

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- Why Coinsquare? - Exposure with IFRS - Experience with internal controls - Team work related questions / collaboration with team member - Dealing with changing culture

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