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What would you do if you saw a Colleague cheat the company?

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Report it to the owner immediately

Ability to take on current ERP conversion to Oracle.

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Have you ever worked with Letters of Credit?

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Can you make gut decisions? What's short selling? If I gave you a bottle of water (which he didn't) how would you be able to tell the distance to the ground? If I gave you a job offer - can you make a decision in 15 minutes? He didn't ask about my qualifications - he didn't even look at my resume! He's head was buried in the questionnaire - no eye contact! The receptionist mentioned that they are interviewing 15 candidates per day! Do yourself a favour and do not apply!

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There weren't any difficult or unexpected questions - I just did my research, and answered all the questions put to me.

How did you navigate politics at an executive level?

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I was asked about specific skill sets pertaining to my role and any prior experience relating to those skill sets.

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