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Dell Technologies
On a demandé à un Contracts Advisor...22 septembre 2015

how I handled certain difficult situations in the past

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Really good lessons to get into top tech companies:

told specific stories from work experience


To whom to pay incentive? the operators or the rig supplier.

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I told them to pay to the operators and not to the rig contractor/owner. Because the owner has quoted the lease rates and we pay for it. Where as the operator runs it smoothly and should be paid. e.g. When we hire a car with a driver - we pay tips to the driver and not the car renting company. Moins

Faststream Technologies

Explain ORM

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Simple mapping of tables with object, to simplify the coding process.

Petro Rabigh

General experience, few work specific based upon work experience

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answered them well with generalized examples

Environmental Resources Management

Tell me about your work experience

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Stated the number of years of experience etc.


There weren't any difficult questions one would normally anticipate in the interview process. As mentioned earlier, they seemed to be quite disorganised when it came to the structure of the process and interview questions.


Why did you choose IBM?


Why do you want to work at Expro?


I would say the recruiter discounted my qualifications from the very beginning because she saw my picture on my e mail account. I would like the VP of HR to send a reminder to all HR representatives to not disqualify someone based on a perception. Sometimes it is best to revisit the rules of vetting candidates. USAA HR recruiters, especially the one I spoke to, should take a diversity class. It is a known fact, "minorities" have the qualifications and education to do a great job. All we ask for is a level playing field.

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