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United States Federal Government
On a demandé à un Contracting Officer...25 août 2015

Describe a time that you had to sacrifice what you wanted to do for the greater good.

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Prioritise, do the most important and manage the others subsequently. We can't settle all things out at one time. Moins

took from personal experiences that met the criteria

Samsung Engineering

You will work only for us to get an Entry Level experience, do you?

2 réponses

No, I usually tend to stay long to any organization I am into unless there are compelling reasons to leave. Moins

Plz i love this company its nice and good company I want a job i know English very good i now data entry Moins

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Do you understand the basics of User Experience design and research?

2 réponses

Yes. (this is shown throughout my portfolio)

Same experience.

University of Colorado Boulder

Their questions were about my background and experience relating to position, my handling of difficult and complex situations and the size and scope of contracts managed.

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My responses were very deep background and broad experience and explained volume of workload previously handled. The group was looking for a lower level employee to grind through heavy workload, not a strategic manager. Final interviewers (co-workers) just harped on volume of work; sad really. The job posting did not match the employee level they were seeking. Bad position description Moins

Greencells Group

Are you sure you want to do this project?

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All projects are challenging and I am used to working with different cultures

Department for Work And Pensions

Did I know a certain individual

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Yes I did

FHI 360

Typical - what's your greatest strength, weaknesses, etc. Background information. Typical background on the company. Had to listen how fabulous everyone interviewing me were .

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Spoke truthfully and candidly. Difficult to read the personality types because these folks are so odd. Couldn't tell if I performed poorly or good - it was too difficult to tell. Moins

Ingram Micro

Why do i want this job

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I said i was meticulous and i can handle numbers well.

City of Atlanta

Someone comes to you and tells you they want to procure services exceeding $100K, what is your process?

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I simply detailed my process. Understand needs, RFP, contract and award.

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