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On a demandé à Implementation Contact Centre Technical LEad...19 octobre 2014

Can you wait while we find funding for the position we want to hire you for?

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What did they offer, i am in a same spot now, need to know how much they go with? Moins


Hollywood Bowl Group

Why would you like to work for our company?

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talk about what you have to offer (key skills and examples) and how the company can benefit you. Moins

Include how it comes into your life. For example, I visit here regularly and it always seems to be a friendly and welcoming environment. Also big the company up, by saying you like their values etc. Moins


How do you motivate people.

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Lead by example. Be the first person in, and the last to leave. Always let people know you are there for them. Moins

Metropolitan Police Service

Out of the 4 Met values, choose one which you demonstrate in your everyday life. The four values are 1)professionalism 2) Integrity 3) Courage 4) Compassion

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I chose compassion and provided two examples; one from my family life and the other from working life. Moins

Pelican Business Services

Standard questions about customer services. Also asked what did I know about Pelican Business Services

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I shared that I had looked on their website ( and also followed them on Facebook and LinkedIn. I found both useful in giving me an insight into the business and would recommend other Glassdoor users to do the same. Moins


Why did you apply for this job?

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Its my passion

Brewin Dolphin

Q: What would your ideal job be?

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Oil analyst

Hinduja Global Solutions

The first thing you get to do is a typing test of 3 minutes to see how you type. Then you get to be interviewed by another person. Have you worked in the customer service field before? Have you worked in a call centre before? What position can you see yourself in 3 years?

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I have over 10 years experience in the customer service field. Yes. I really did not enjoy the atmosphere they had, you were number not a person. I would like to be a team leader. Moins

AA Insurance

conflict with a colleague

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explain a situation and how I had dealt with it


Nothing. The only question they ask is what is your name and to pick a question to answer. This is the icebreaker at the start.

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I am not sure whether it's a right place to ask or not,but I didn't find option to ask questions. I have my skills testing tomorrow.... What kind of test they give to complete? Moins

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