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On a demandé à un Contact Center Supervisor...9 juin 2021

Are you flexible in the hours you can work? Can you work on Saturdays?

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Nothing out of the norm

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As instructed by Google

what would you type of question, and how would you react to certain things a few tech question but thats it

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stated what i would do and also spoke a lot about company policy and all

Polaris Bank

How many years of contact Centre experience do you have?

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I basically responded with the number of years I had been working as a contact center staff. Moins

Grupo Boticário

Como você resolveria o descontentamento da equipe de atendimento telefônico?

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Humanizando e incentivando os funcionários.

David's Bridal

What did you hear that was wrong?

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Rude customer service


How is the structure in my current company? What made me reach my current role?

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I explained that I got there with internal promotion processes.

PBD Worldwide

Regular interview answers lots of questions about my experience

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I answered as honestly as possible

Prime Therapeutics

Questions will be cause and effect based. What was the problem, how did you resolve, what was the outcome (benefit to the customer) and how did it make you feel.

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Questions will be general customer service questions. Think of your examples ahead of time and it's ok to bring a note pad with notes on your examples to help you remember. Practice being engaging so that you are not providing short answers. Moins


What would i change about the company i work for?

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Time management

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