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On a demandé à un Consulting Analyst...27 septembre 2013

What are the three most important qualities in a leader?

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Accept responsibility for others, lead by examples and team work

Being Positive and being 100% professional .

Accept responsibility for others , mostly lead by example for teamwork . Teamwork makes dreamwork . Moins

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Morgan Stanley

If a company is experiencing a decrease in profits but they have not incurred any new costs, what is the problem?

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They have less customers now

Decrease in revenue

The number of loan accounts are turning into NPA (Non-performing Assets).

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Why should Deloitte invest in you?

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Deloitte believes in hiring the creme of the lot and helps their employees to aspire and grow making the best utilization of their resources. I believe I possess the aspiration to grow ,helping the organization grow and utilizing my utmost abilities to maintain my quality in the duration of the process. Moins

Deloitte should hire me because I have both will and skills to achieve goals and success in my life. Moins

Because,i know that the company is a great inspiration to other people,, I believe they have the height level for grow and goal.. Moins

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How many KFCs are there in Hong Kong?

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1 since only a k is there in hong kong

There are 69 stores as of 1/24/19 according to the


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An example of where you showed your initiative in work or college.

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Hi, Thank you for sharing your interview experience. As a small team of ex-Google employees, we have recently launched, a career consultancy community, where users can buy/sell services that provide job interview experiences/insights. Posting an interview consultancy service is totally free & anonymous. Create a service in 2 minutes and earn money by sharing your experience with other candidates over the phone or via a document you created. Users already started making money on the website by sharing their experiences. You are kindly invited to to check it out. Thanks! Moins

In work

Work is my worship

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The Case - Wasn't hard but sometimes it can be difficult to know what they are exactly looking for.

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I had to email the interviewer to get feedback after I got the rejection letter because I wanted to know what I could of improved on. They said they were impressed with me but they only had a small number of openings. Have you interviewed for the position yet? Moins

ya I have been interviewed for the position but in columbus,oh. got positive feed back after F2F but yet to receive the offer.its been 2 months since I attended the first round :( Moins

Wow, yea i'm not sure what is going on with the interview process. Have you tried reaching out to your recruiter? Moins

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McKinsey & Company

Just practice as many cases as possible, and work on expressing your leadership abilities in a very concise manner.

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Patience is very important

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Cambridge Associates, LLC

How many baseball's can you fit on a 747?

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This type of question is about demonstrating your thinking process and your comfort level with estimation. Here's one approach: 1. Estimate the width and height of the fuselage (main body of the jet). It's roughly a cylinder, so you could assume that the width and height are approximately the same. (Maybe 20 ft.) 2. Now estimate the length of the fuselage. (Maybe 150 ft.) 3. I can't remember the formula for the volume of a cylinder, but the formula for the volume of a cube is length x width x height. In this case, 20 x 20 x 150 or 60,000 cubic feet. 4. Now estimate the number of baseballs in one cubic foot. (Maybe four high, four wide, and four long, or 4 x 4 x 4, or 64. 5. Now multiply 64 baseballs per cubit foot by the number of total cubic feet on a 747 (60,000) to get approximately 3,840,000 baseballs. Moins

Hey Steve I think you are thinking about volume- This type of question intrigues me because there are so many unstated variables such as, is there adhesive of some sort involved? Does "on" mean "all around" or covering the 747? If there is no adhesive, does that mean 'how many baseballs could you put on TOP of the 747' - does this also include the wings? And would it count if there is no adhesive material and one rolls off - as Curio stated, it is not a flat surface. Actually there are a million other hypothetical questions that could pertain to the imaginary baseball on the 747, but the interesting part for me is to read each post and determine what 'controlling statements' each person adds to the question before answering it. It is so easy to simply answer a hypothetical question with predetermined figures based on each persons thinking process or experience, instead of taking only the facts stated in the question and determining a hypothetical answer or two. I am thoroughly enjoying reading these questions, posts, and analyzing thought responses. Sometimes I am even enlightened. ;-) Moins

One thing that I don't quite understand. The 747 is somewhat cylindrical, which means that the top of it is rounded off, as in, not flat enough to hold any baseballs without them falling off. So, you attempt to put a baseball on top of a 747 and it will probably just roll off wouldn't it? Then you actually can't put any baseballs on top of a 747. Anyway, I don't know if this is the right answer, or if there even is one, but that's my analysis of the situation. Moins

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Liberty Mutual Insurance

An insurance company only makes a payout when damage is above 1000. Only 50% of the damage above 1000, including the 1000 is paid out. If the payout was 1250, what was the damage?

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1250 = 1000 + 50% * (X) 250 = 50%* (X) X = 500 Total Damage = 1000 + X = 1500 Moins

1250 = 50%*(damage - 1000) 2500 = damage - 1000 Damage = 3500

hmm... ok I may be wrong but 3500 Total damage doesn’t add up with 1250 payout. The claim is paid at 50 percent of the excess of 1000 and then you add back in the 1000. So 3500 total damage means that 2500 (excess over 1000) at 50 percent = 1250 then you add back 1000 which means total payout would be 2250 on 3500 total damage. 1250 payout means total damage is 1500. 250 (is excess of 1000) is half of 500 or 50 percent .... 250 +1000 = 1250. Etc.... 1700 total payout = 2400 total damage. 700 is the excess of 1000 and 50 percent of 1400 ... 1400 and 1000 added equals 2400. Moins

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Cisco Systems

Explain the difference between TCP and UDP

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That's really as difficult as it gets?

UDP packet processing is faster compared to TCP packet processing. This is because once TCP packets are delivered to the destination, an acknowledgement is expected at the transmission end. If no acknowledgement is received, re-transmission of packets occurs at the transmission end. This is opposite to UDP operation, in which no acknowledgement is necessary. Moins

TCP is a reliable protocol that utilizes windowing and acknowledgement packets to ensure all traffic is transmitted and received UDP is an unreliable protocol that does not utilize windowing and acknowledgements, and is good to use when you can't re-transmit a packet (EG a voice or video packet) Moins

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