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Larsen & Toubro
On a demandé à un Construction Manager...28 octobre 2012

Whether willing to work anywhere in India.when can you join.

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Location of the place has to communicated and how convenient is it connection with native Moins


Andhra pradhesh

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Arabian Bemco Contracting Co.

Why you are leaving the current job.

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Currently working project is almost completed,

I am hungry to learn thats why i like to work better technologies and new ideas.

End of contract with the company.

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Shiu Pong Group

How many years of experience in my field of the job's criteria.

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I would like to come for a job interview for the position of Assistant to construction manager as per your reference, preferably in Shiu Pong office in Toronto, ON Canada at about 2:00 pm on June 20, 2017. Moins

I look forward to seeing you on June 20, 2017, at 2:00 pm and discuss in further details, located at 131 Baldwin Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1L7, Canada. Moins

THANK YOU, MR. HENRY, DANIEL & MARGRET HUNG Unforgettable love from Eric cheeyan Cheng. I wish Shiu Pong continued success and prosperous for the year to come, 2018. Moins

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What salary are you expecting?

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4000 dirham up to 4500/

4000 dirham

For Construction manager I know what i would like but what are you offering and what benefits Moins

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PCL Construction

Years of experience

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I want to work with your company, if you give me a chance.

2 years

1 year experience in site supervisor construction

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How and where would I fit in.

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I would fit in because of my experience as a builder and architect. I have done several projects as an Architect, Builder, and Design. Moins

I would bring a well-round experience as it pertains to Professional understanding of construction specifications, tolerances and inspection of code and construction. Cass Cheesar, Archtect Moins

I thought this application process provides future working of what they would expect> Moins

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He did check my CV, qualifications. He didn’t ask me where did I come from originally, then after he started explaining that he needs someone to drive the site, etc.

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I was an open book, of course I did tell him where I came from originally.

You have no idea what you have escaped, I worked at Ballymore once upon a time

Fair enough👍😄

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is family ok with me working overses

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Yes...been doing it for over 25 years




Tell about yourself

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Have you managed people before

Found excellent read:

yes i haved i do have that experience on managing people and sales also

GreenECO Builders

Who are you?

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Gadiel Mendez

My name.

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