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On a demandé à Construction Estimator...2 février 2018

Are you familiar with on screen take offs?

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My experience

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I discussed my experience

Liberty Excavators

How did you hear about this position?

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Through a current employee at the company.

Perry Homes

Come up with good answers for these questions (explained in interview process section) why Perry Homes? why this position?

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See interview process section

Marek Brothers Systems

Are you willing to work long hours behind a desk? (Translation - The last 2 employees couldn't handle 10 hrs per day at a computer)

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Yes Sir!

Computer experience with excel

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On a scale of one to ten I replied 8


What was you previous job?

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I told them who it was.

Disney Parks

What do you expect out of this job and company and how long do you expect it?

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Initially a one year contract and then move on.

Blackmon Mooring

Their biggest concern was that I was coming from a different part of the industry and whether I could handle the pressure that comes with the job.

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I responded by letting them know that due to the amount of high pressure put upon us by the previous employer, their pressure could not compare. Moins

How much salary I wanted ???

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A million dollars. Because the woman from Russia that interviewed me did not speak English. Moins

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