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On a demandé à un Computer Technician...19 septembre 2012

How many computer desktop you can assemble in 1 day with out an Operating System?

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30 to 50 unit no operating system if hardware is complete and ready to assemble

20 or 30

20 or 30

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Describe a time you failed at something, and how did you proceed?

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I failed at a little bit of the math when I was a cashier. But I learn my mistake and did some math and practice more with my math problems. I started to do good after that. Moins

I gave an answer that was complete BS about how I tried to complete a difficult task, ans was unable to do it. I then proceeded to tell the interviewer I went back to learn more about what I was attempting, and was then able to complete the task. Moins

TBF Computing

Fix this computer while we time you.

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I fixed it in like 8 minutes and seemed to do well.

I was unable to fully fix it due to the TL screwing with the cables. I still got the job for determination I guess. Moins

PC Laptops

Sell me this pen.

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Um, I interviewed for the Tech position sir.

Do u have a pen?

Quanta Computer

Have you worked at Quanta Computer before?

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You are good at making stuff up?

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"Yes." I had no idea if he was being negative, positive, or was simply bad at English for being a non-American. And I did not want to make a confrontation with the employer at the first interview. Moins

Polar Pak

how many years that i have experience in this filet

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i just graduate from school.

he asked what can I do

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I can Do just about anything as a computer Technician


What kind of computer experience do you have?

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Been building systems since I was 16

Do you have experience with Apple devices?

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Yes, Macbook, Macpro,iMac,iPhone,iPad,and iPod

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