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Toyota North America
On a demandé à Computer Forensics Analyst...24 août 2020

Was asked normal questions regarding forensics and incident response process. It was pretty involved and they expect expert level knowledge.

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Answered to the best of my ability with my experience, which was not adequate to progress with another interview. Moins

Ministère des Finances

They asked me some questions regarding my organizational skills, analysis skills, time management skills and problem solving skills. Communication and negotiation skills will also be tested in Q2 & Q4.

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Do you know any specific questions did they ask in the interview. also you mention about 30 minutes test. what type of MCQ's was in the test. will appreciate your response. Moins

Digital Mountain

What I'm looking for in my next position

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The chance to expand my skill set

FTI Consulting

Multiple technical questions e.g. name some Windows registry files and then did I see myself as technical

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Technical questions as expected.

SISA Information Security

favorite topic in cyber security


tell us about yourself Different computer attacks Mostly cyber security questions It was a conference call and I felt that they were all busy doing something on their computer and was not really paying much attention

Samsung Electronics

Mostly about computer forensics methodology

US Department of Homeland Security

What do you know about virtualization?

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

What do you know about file systems?


General questions

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