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On a demandé à un Community Relations Manager...15 novembre 2015

Are you comfortable speaking in front of small and large groups of people?

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Cisco Systems

How do you feel your skill-sets align with the position? Have you worked on projects where you had to coordinate with multiple departments? The questions were easy and standard...nothing surprising.

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I feel my skills sets with the position as i already lead my team to improve the selling skills and reach all the customers needs . I already worked on project of new product to satisfy all the customers and to improve the services of it Moins

I tried rooftop slushie mentioned above and it was pretty helpful. I recommend it. Moins

Found excellent read:

Barnes & Noble

They are looking for a "sales" type person for this position even though they don't tell you that

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Make sure you have numbers to talk about how you've sold in the past


Do you have kids?

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This is illegal to ask during a job interview.

Questioning a candidate during an interview regarding their marital or familiar status is discriminatory. You do not have to answer these questions. When an employer asks such questions during an interview, it a sign that they discriminate based on those factors. A candidate should not be declined a job because (for instance) they have kids. Moins

Atria Senior Living

Why Atria?, basic questions.

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All my life has been in the customer service industry so I think I would excel at this Moins

Atria is a famous company in America. Much more get advantage to job here.

GiGi's Playhouse

Do you like working for companies that lack professional/standard communication?

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Yes, that's why I applied for Gigi's Playhouse

FirstLight Home Care

How would I handle a person with advanced dementia who became angry?

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I’d step back, redirect their focus and talk to them with a soft, slow calm voice. I’d stop what I was doing and then re ask them in a few minutes. Moins


All questions were related to the position I had applied for and my experiences. They do want to know what you can do for them. Which is fair. It was all marketing and sales related questions.

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I shared my knowledge.

St John Ambulance Canada

Asked about any volunteer experience I had

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Explained all the places I have and continue to volunteer with and explained roles Moins

Senior Star

What created the interest in Senior Star.

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Reviewing web page and reaction of resident faces.

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