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ED&F Man
On a demandé à un Commodity Trader...18 mai 2017

The majority of the questions they asked me were focused around the commodity I would be trading - Sugar. They were a wide range, from what sugar products they sold to where sugar is most produced and consumed globally.

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A lot of the answers were available through simple google searches done prior. I'd say the questions were fairly general, so if you learnt the basic mechanisms in the Sugar market you should do ok. Moins

Have you heard back from ED&F on the grad programme?

"Please tell me what is bad about you?" - For an 18 year old, that is not easy.

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Didn't expect (at the time) to have to explain the negative side.

STX Group

More asked about my background

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I told them about my background


Why ADM?

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ADM is a good company with a reputation for being fair. The company continue to have grow and has strong safety regulation too. Moins


How do you think you are a good fit?

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I am a quick learner.


Describe a time when you were faced with a difficult situation with a customer and how you handled it....using a STAR response.

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I described an occurrence in a previous internship where there was a misunderstanding between the customer and I, and how I eventually resolved it by contacting my boss and offering for her to talk to him on the spot. Moins

Mitsui & Co.

Why didn't you learn Chinese when you had been to china

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I tried to learn but its not that easy to learn Chinese in 3-4 months

Mitsui & Co.

How can you communicate with our various clients in Kolkata when you don't know Bengali

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I told that I have working knowledge of Bengali although I am not one. And the language of Business is English and Hindi as well so I think it shouldn't be an issue Moins

Louis Dreyfus Company

What are your salary expectations

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I gave a range.


Tell me about a time when you had to negotiate.

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Tell me about a time when you had to deliver bad news.

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