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On a demandé à un Commercial Director...21 octobre 2015

If you could have dinner with three actors no longer living, who would they be!

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Who wants to have dinner with dead people?

None they were all just acting

Alan Rickman, because I'd like to ask him about the Harry Potter films. Sam Kelly because I'd want to ask about his role on Black Books as Manny's dad. And Diana Dors because I'd want to ask about the Adam & The Ants promo for Prince Charming in which she was the Fairy Godmother, as well as Queenie's Castle as it was filmed at Quarry Hill Flats (now the base of the West Yorkshire Playhouse). Moins

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Connaissez-vous nos métiers ?

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Webedia est un carrefour de partage d'information, permettant de rassembler, engager et animer une communauté Moins


Oui je connais


We are considering investing in manufacturing one of our raw material inputs rather than continuing to buy from vendors. How would you set up the analytical framework for this decision?

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First I would want to know, in rough terms, the scale of the overall opportunity to quickly judge if it's worth more detailed, resource intensive analysis. This is a make or buy assessment. Therefore, a simple projection of our cost to invest and manufactur vs projected price of the raw material is needed, including a projection of our demand over time. Would be a range of potential values, but this would provide a sense of value scale and return potential of the investment. Moins

Do we have a comparative advantage for manufacturing this material? Are there synergies with out other operations? What makes us think we can manufacture it at a lower cost than buying it. If the cost is higher, are there benefits to the supply chain to making it ourselves? Are there supply problems for this material? What were the factors that led us to consider making this ourselves? Cost is probably not the only factor. Moins


why our revenues and our margin is declining?

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market do not understand why they have to buy from you or your product and services are losing respect. Moins

Universal Soul Service

What do you think you can bring to the team?

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Digital Marketing Campaigns that match the current times in our industry.


How you would handle conflict

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With listening mode and swift action once facts known.

EBP Informatique

Vos succès ? décrivez un moment difficile etc etc ....

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Je pensais pouvoir plus m'exprimer sur le fond ... mais les questions n'étaient pas en phase avec la "séniorité" du poste que je souhaitais pourvoir, et pas vraiment d'opportunité de pouvoir exprimer mes avantages concurrentiels et mes compétences... je garde espoir d'un rappel tardif peut être ... Moins

Groupe SEB

What are the operational excellence practices that will benefit the company if you join?

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Close monitoring of the sales process (retail sell in and sell out)


How would you manage a cross functional team?

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Work with stakeholders and establish a relationship that was built on mutual benefit Moins

La Poste

Pourquoi la poste

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Qu'allais vous apporter de plus à la poste

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