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Koch Industries
On a demandé à un Combo-code-welder...2 janvier 2016

What was the most important quality that was thought needed for the last place of employment?

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Personally.... told her as with any job with these kind of working conditions... Especially in a refined atmosphere...(SAFETY)....always!:) Moins

So if it wasn't 3wise men what was it . I have a good idea though

Amec Foster Wheeler

how many years experience i had, because i started pretty young. I was only 16 when i got the first arc srtike.

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i started whe i was 18 years old, because i ws more then legal age to work.

If my commute distance would be an issue.

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Expressed it would not be an issue, and never was.


How many years of experience.

1 réponses

More than 4 years.


no interview questions

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just take and pass the weld test


If hired did you commit murder and or on parole so loftness mfg can call parole officer.

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was silent


how long have you been welding

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I have been welding since 1990

Saulsbury Industries

safety training


How much experience do you have?

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