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House of Blues
On a demandé à un Cocktail Waitress...8 octobre 2016

If you could start a band, what would you name it?

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Tricky Innocence

Mountaineer Casino

Work availability and my schedule.

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I told them my availability and when I could start.


Would you be ok with staying in the position for a minimum of 6 months before transferring to a different department?

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I told him yes.

Tropicana Casinos & Resorts

Why would you like to work for TROP?

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I am good with people and I smile a lot.

Buffalo Wild Wings

They asked about a time I handled a difficult customer in the past

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I told them that I stayed calm and involved management

Do you have any experience in this line of work?

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Rivers Casino & Resort (New York)

If you could fly, or have a million dollars, what would you choose?

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To fly

New York New York Las Vegas Casino

Tell me your name and your experience?

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Why do you want to work for the "New York New York Casino and Hotel" as a cocktail waitress? Moins

Little Woodrow's

Have you been a waitress before?

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Yes, and then explained my experience.

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