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Susquehanna International Group (SIG)
On a demandé à un Software Developer Co-Op...14 janvier 2014

Write a function that is passed a string and determines whether or not the string is a palindrome. (They had me write on the whiteboard in front of them.)

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I used for-loops and character arrays and got the question right.

I think the double index way is pretty neat. for(int i=0,j=n-1;i

I think the double index way is pretty neat. for(int i=0,j=n-1;i

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I steve h like to cause division here at loftness mfg in hector

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rather not go to your low side of management skills! come here to get along with others and work as you do none of the above. Moins

so true about steve h the operations director inside knowledge now the elitist is looking for help on company website stay back as he will try and set people up as company thieves if he doesn't like the person. Moins

Yes this is one place to stay awayfrom years ago in the eighties they liked to get rid of people who used health insurance and would go out of their way to get people hurt nothing good here. Moins

A Thinking Ape

Finding the length of the longest substring containing unique characters

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static int solve(String s) { Map positions = new HashMap(); int maxLength = 0; int length = 0; for (int index = 0; index length) { length++; if (length > maxLength) { maxLength = length; } } else { length = index - lastPosition; } positions.put(c, index); } return maxLength; } Moins

public int longgestUniqueSubstring(String arr){ HashMap map=new HashMap(); int max=0,temp=0; for(int i=0;imax)max=temp; } return max; } Moins

public int longgestUniqueSubstring(String arr){ HashMap map=new HashMap(); int max=0,temp=0; for(int i=0;imax)max=temp; } return max; } Moins


How to print a link list reversely

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The simplest solution would be: 1. Traverse a linked list from head to tail 2. During traversal, push all the elements of the node into a stack 3. Once the traversal is done, pop all elements and this will print the linked list in reverse order ... Looking fwd for an optimized solution ... Moins

the stack solution is good, you can also use recursion void printReverse(ListNode node) { if(node == null) return; printReverse(; System.out.println(node.value); } Moins

void printLLreverse(Node *headNode) { //this is going to just iterate through the LL //add each element to a stack and //print the stack when we are finished stack llStack; Node* currNode = headNode; while(currNode) { llStack.push(currNode->data); currNode = currNode->next; } while(llStack.size() > 0) { cout <<; llStack.pop(); } } Moins

Communications Security Establishment Canada | Centre de la sécurité des télécommunications

hackerrank easy, basic java and web dev knowledge, sql

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I see why you didn't get an offer.

This organization is clearly too serious for you 😂. In case you didn’t realize, the security clearance isn’t an “interview”. It’s just a test to make sure you are not crazy. If you start the clearance, you basically have the job (unless you did drugs or something else really stupid). Moins

Susquehanna International Group (SIG)

If you were given two words and needed to determine if the words were anagrams, how would you go about doing this?

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sort both words and compare them letter by letter.

Use a hash table, like a unordered_map then loop over one word to record the number of times of each char. Use the table and loop over the second word to see if they have some set of chars with same number of times of occurrence. If the word is ascii then an integer array of length 256 can be used as the hash table. Moins

Sorting sucks, it takes nlogn Instead use a frequency array: int f[26]; for(char c:s) f[c-'a']++; for(char c:t) f[c-'a']--; for(int i=26;i--;) if(f[i]) return false; return true; Moins

St. Jude Medical

Why are manholes round? ( Checking my thinking capacity I guess )

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There are squared manholes as well. And in Brussels, Belgium, the majority of them are squared. Just a matter of taste. Moins

Square manholes cover can slip through the hole if tried to insert diagonally. Major risk! A round manhole cover can never slip through diagonally! Moins


Do you prefer to work alone or in groups?

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yes i am



When is the right time to optimize the code?

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After you finish all the minimum implementation of the project.

From scratch writing as possible as optimized is good. After completing the logic and everything is ok reoptimizing might be necessary Moins


What do you know about PLC?

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I worked with PLC for 1 year, i know how to use it, and i know some commands to pre set it. Moins

I have worked with it for 1 year. I know how to pre set variables and reset them. But i am also trying to learn the back end of it. Moins

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