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Holiday by Atria
On a demandé à un Co-Managers...27 avril 2011

What would you think somone would say bad about you ?

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this was a dumb question, we are professionals , and this question was very degrading . Moins

That I'm too nice

That I'm too humble

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Holiday by Atria

You will be asked if you can work with your partner?. It takes a while to get on board but you will get a job. There is a high turn over and they are always in need of managers. The central California Region has a great regional Manager Javiera Garcia. She works very hard to take care of her managers and to solve any issues that arise. This kind of work is not for everyone. I almost left a few times but hunkered down an made the best of it. Now I would not leave unless I really needed to. There is always room for improvement in any company.

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Wish I knew the Javiera you did

Javiera is a picnic compared to Diane Yensen. Diane is relentless and very detached when it comes to her team. Everyone is afraid of her. If I were Lilly the CEO I would start calling former mangers in her region. Employee Relations is a joke. I finally feel free. Moins

Cleaning house from the top to bottom would be great. That's the way you clean house. Moins

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Hobby Lobby

Why do you want to work for Hobby Lobby?

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You're closed on Sunday.

Don't do it!

I love the fact that HL is a company guided by Christian values and Biblical principles. Moins


Where do you see yourself in five years. Pretty standard.

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Sounds like decent advice, but what if you've never held a higher position?

Say something about being in a higher up position than you are applying for. This shows them that you want to improve and not just stay the same. Moins

Name one instance in which you provided excellent customer service.

Forever 21

If you could pick the perfect outfit, what would it be?

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Whatever is appropriate for the situation.

▼ Whatever is appropriate for the situation

Whatever is appropriate for the situation

Holiday by Atria

One question that struck me as important was how long Michael and I have known each other, if we worked together successfully before, and what our dynamic is like. This is a live-on-property position, so these details are very important to Holiday.

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You should be in your community by now and hope you are doing well. Let us know how things are in 3 months. Moins

We discussed our previous shared professional endeavors, at which we were very successful as a team. We also discussed at length how we behave as a unit and how we resolve conflict. Moins

Hobby Lobby

how soon to relocate

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not too soon

When you told them not to soon was there a follow question?

Capstone Logistics

This is not a 9-5 job. Can you work more than 40 hours a week?

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At my present job, I work more than 60 hours a week and have 22 direct reports.

probably should keep your current job

bebe stores

Have you ever failed at anything

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I didn't know you could wear hills. Wearing heels now I could understand.

I didn't know you could wear hills. Wearing heels now I could understand.


where do you see yourself in 5 years

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In five years I see to be co-manager

I see myself to a manager

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