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On a demandé à un Clinical Specialist...1 juillet 2017

Why do you want to work here?

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To have the flexibility to work my own schedule and no longer have to commute through traffic every day. Moins

I used to commute 100 miles to and from work 5 days a week. I look forward to working from my own home at any time. Moins

I would like to work for this company to be able to take care of my family better and not have to work long hours. Its be a great opportunity to grow and to see what I can really do from home. Moins

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Mount Sinai Health System

What are your future goals?

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Want to grow like Tree .

1 weakness My weakness is that I see a person in pain and I cannot help him, and my strength is when I feel a better person on my way, whatever of his color, religion or gender. I only care that he is a human being. it’s to see some one Moins

My future ambition (goals) is to be a heart surgeon for children and to gain many experiences that qualify me for human service Moins

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Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc.

Why you want to work here?

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Because this is big platform to start my career and I am very interested to work in this company please give me a chance to show my talent Moins

A Dynamic environment along with the experts that is what every aspirant wants to have and sunpharma is the place to experience it. Moins

Wants to famous sun pharma in terms of reputation

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UCSF Medical Center and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals

If a patient grabbed a burrito out of the hands of a visitor then took a bite out of it, what would you do?

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Do you know that person?

Steal back the burrito from the patient, hurting them to get it if necessary, and take a bite out of it myself. Then laugh at the patient and the visitor, then if either took umbrage, I'd spit at them both, then turn around and fart at them, belching, of course. Fart, belch, spit, fart belch, spit, fart, belch, spit. Then I would grab the umbilical cord of the next neonate and swing it around by the umbilicus over my head and then give it a throw! Please don't ask me stupid inappropriate questions? Thanks. Moins

You are not told the extent of your authority, probably best to just ask your supervisor but I don't know the "correct" answer Moins

Stanford School of Medicine

Can you describe your experience in clinical research? Have you worked with clinical trial?

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Please see all my publications in Clinical Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine, Biochemical and molecular genetic Moins

Yes I have worked wit clinical trail

In the last 20 years I have been doing clinical research and published more than 29 publications Please see the Pubmed side (J Golbahar) and my CV to see the publication Moins

Signature HealthCARE

Why am I in the market for new job

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The person I took are of past away , I need to move on . I’ve been with her for 41/2 years . I loved my job , I loved making her happy as much as I could Moins

I feel that the elderly need a lot of help , and I feel that I can improve there life’s , Being alone is really hard and t seams forever a day alone , and unable to help them self , or feel safe Moins

Home Santee CA Group Noah Fulmor Salah money make Recycling independent inving $2953. Moins

University of Cincinnati

I think the most difficult question I was asked was what was the biggest mistake I think I made in my personal life, and I was also asked the same for my professional life.

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I don't believe that technically/legally, an interviewer can ask anything, especially in the nature of this question, about your personal life. It's one thing to ask someone if the follow the Reds or Bengals, but to ask them about a failure in their personal life? I find that very inappropriate. For all that interviewer knows, something tragic or devastating could have recently, or quite in the past, happened that the person assumes responsibility for, whether warranted or not. A job interview is NOT the place to air everyone's dirty laundry. It may have cost me the job, but I would have politely declined to answer about my personal, that it was not an appropriate topic for a job interview and had no bearing on my job, but that I would gladly answer the second part of the question, and then proceed to do so. I'm glad I declined an interview at UC for a CRC position. Moins

How long after applying online were you first contacted?

I had to think carefully before answering. I answered both the questions separately, as they were asked. However, they were both related, as a decision I made in personal life had affected my professional life. I was honest in my response and I think that surely helped me. Moins

Seattle Children's

Why do you want to leave your current position and why? What makes you want to work at children? What regulatory experiences do you have? Have you worked with grading toxicities? How do you handle stress?

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I want a relocat

I want a relocat

I want a relocat

Duke University

If I were offered the position could I settle things cordially and leave my current position, pack, find a place to live, move, and be ready to work in exactly two weeks?

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That is the beauty of my age, flexibility, and thrill of accomplishing just that. Moins

I am also a three hour drive away but looking to move back to Raleigh. I pray I also have a smooth transition. Thank you for your post! Moins

West Orange Healthcare District

Why do you feel you are the most qualified canidate

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I have experience in nursing field , I have compassion and respectful for pat and very profesional actitud Moins

Team work

Also respect my coworkers i understand different cultures. Be positive

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