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On a demandé à Client Service Representative...19 mai 2022

Y sales ? What drives you? Can you handle rejections and make a lot of outbound calls ?


How does this job at AlphaSights fit into your long term goals?


Why Flexport? What do you know about logistics tech? Loop/Case study @ 3 hours.


Which value interests you the most.

Bank of America

Why do you want to leave your current role?

New York Times

Why the times? Why sales? Tell me about a time you had a rough time with a client and how you managed it at the end Tell me about a time you had to be creative with a project

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I prepared a lot of STAR type questions.


How would you approach a situation where the client seems frustrated?

1) What motivates you? 2) Can you financially handle 4 weeks of unpaid training? 3) How would you feel if you had zero sales on a given day?

Capital Group

When was one time I had to make a difficult decision

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