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On a demandé à un Client Service Representative...24 mars 2015

How would you respond to an angry client?

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Excuse me but may I help you find something! Your looking for

I'm sorry that your having a bad day but may I help you find something?

May I help you find something no okay you guys have a wonderful day

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They asked me a question about how do I stay current with the financial news.

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If you don't have an answer, it could show that you are not prepared.

I watch CNN, Mad Money and listen to Dave Ramsey. I also subscribe to AARP because they have great retirement info. Moins

I watch Fox Business and MSNBC business with a little MAD Money by Jim Cramer.

Standard Chartered Bank

can i work under pressure

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Pressure without job is not a job


Stryde Management

Do you mind if we take off our masks?

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Sounds exactly like my experience during the interview. Was also immediately asked about masks which took me by surprise. Moins

No, I would prefer not to.

Quest Diagnostics

Why do you deserve this position?

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First I am a very hard worker and if I dont have answer for the question a person may have I look for the I make sure i put my all into my job that's why i think i deserve this position Moins

Because I’m a hard worker a

First Insurance Corporation

What would make you an ideal candidate for this position?

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I’m sorry I down voted this, I did not mean to!

I have experience in a sales position and am very comfortable with what the job entails. I believe with my background that I would make a great fit. Moins


How would you handle a very upset client in the lobby?

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Always remember that you don't know what else this person is going through. Make sure they sure they know they are being heard and that they are being met with emphathy Moins

Let the client speak, ask client to sit with me to discuss the problem and talk it through. Be very empathetic when dealing face-to-face with a customer. Work through options to resolve the issue with the customer. Moins


Who's your favorite superhero?

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Mr. Narendra Modi

Dr. Abdul Kalam


Why do you want to work here?

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I would like to be here because I spent six years studying Communications. I love communications, I love the concepts of communication, I love what communication offers. I love the entire idea of communications and what it has the potential to do and become in the human spectrum. Everything around us is communication and everything thing around us communicates with us. Moins

Fan of the MTV brand, etc...

Quest Diagnostics

My weaknesses.

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Caring too much and wanting to go above and beyond despite negativity from co-workers. Moins

Is being to hard on myself at times in my life.

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