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On a demandé à un Client Relationship Specialist...15 septembre 2016

Describe a time when you felt pressure from your team and how you resonded

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Hey I applied too, and also interviewed. What city did you have your interview in? Moins

You could also try to get a contractor position through Randstad there to get your foot in the door. That is what I did. (I work in the Malvern office). Randstad told a friend of mine that they don't hire for Vanguard, but that simply isn't true. I had to get an inside connection for her to send her resume to the right person. They are always looking for contractors to help out during tax season. Moins

hey i have applied for this position twice already. just had the interview two days ago and didn't get it (second time). could you provide any advice? I really want to work here and i am going to keep trying Moins


A customer calls and asks you if they should open an index fund or an ETF to save for their child’s college education. What do you say in response?

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That's a great question mr/mrs client. At Vanguard, we have some excellent 529 College Savings plans that we can discuss, all of which will get you on your way to your goal. We can use age based portfolios that are plug and play; we select the portfolio based on your child's age. We also have 19 different portfolios if you'd like to take a more hands on approach. Which sounds better to you? -this response gives you control of the conversation, shows your product knowledge, and these options should contain a decent mix of ETF and Index Funds Moins

Keep in mind, you WILL be licensed by the time you are on the phone, you just won't be able to make a reco since you won't have your 66 likely, just the 63. Moins

The answer to the third question is to refer them to someone more knowledgeable since you are not yet licensed to give that advice Moins


They used the STAR method. Ex: Tell me about a time when you had to work with somebody who was upset. How did you react and what did you do to help them out?

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When did you get the call for an offer? If you don’t mind me asking.

Not until a month after the interview! I highly recommend reaching out after the interview to thank them for the opportunity, it’s keeps you fresh in their mind. Moins

You need to answer with a specific situation. Ex: Yes well once I was working with a client that had unknown charges on their account and they were very flustered. I asked them to explain the situation and I asked them specific questions to try to understand the situation. I then explained that I would try my best to get the problem solved. Moins


Would it be difficult to adjust to a large company after working for a small one?

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Working in a small company helped me understand all aspects of projects and i would fit well in a larger company with this better understanding, and it will give me more opportunity to focus on a smaller domain. Moins

Working in a small industry we can understand role of every employee and aslo know about how to manage our resources and Management. Manage a Time is very crucious part for small and big industry for growth or expand. Thank you and best regards. Vaibhav patel Moins

Hi sorry I’m looking for job security Guard supervisor door can send for me application from Moins

Bureau Veritas

What are your strengths and weaknesses ?

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My strength is i am honest , focused with my work also I am detail oriented, self supported. Moins

My weakness is I use too much phone, yes browsing is one of my hobby but some time it's not easy to calm down this habit Moins

My strength is to be decipline and complete work on time and weakness is to be scared before doing a new work /job/ environment to fit in Moins


fossil is to extinction - puddle is to a) wet 2) dry 3) ? or 4) rain

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I thought it was rain.


I'm not going to share any specific questions, but normal behavioral-based STAR responses can be expected.

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Come prepared and you'll be fine.

Thanks for nothing. Very helpful insight buddy.

Champion Solutions Group

What single most important skill will you be able to bring to the table in order to help our organization?

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Customer facing experience



I was asked about how to handle difficult client situations using a case study situation

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I reviewed the situation and responded by adequately assisting the customer but also following company policies Moins

What was the case study about?

Daugherty Business Solutions

More really unsolicited feedback from an extremely insecure and egomaniacal maniac CEO who runs this cult like environment in which all are expected to kowtow to him.

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I basically tried to get out of the situation without putting myself in harm's way. Moins

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