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On a demandé à un Human Resources Manager/Client Relations Manager...21 août 2012

You mentioned that you have recruited for UI Developers, what technical skills do we look for when searching for a candidate

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computer literate

computer literate

Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop

why i did i left my present work?

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i am seeking for a better job opportunity that gives me economic and professional growth Moins

I didn't left, i finished my contract.


what can i do

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explained my job experience

Did they do any pre-employment testing on your first day?

Niche Software Solutions

if i wanted to be a content writer?

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no i would like to stick to the profile i applied for.

Appxigo Media

All questions asked were related to skills required for the Job profile and to check interpersonal skills.

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Confidence and to the point honest answers are the basic ingredients to maximize your selection chances. Moins


Why do you think TicketCity would be a good fit?

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I am really looking to invest into a company where I have the tools and room to grow; this is a perfect opportunity to work with my favorite things: sports, music, and working with people. Moins

Blue Millennial

What are challenges you had to overcome?

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Last place of work being very cliquey.

Blue Millennial

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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My strength is being a people person. My weakness is not having much experience


What was my experience in an HR capacity.

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"You don't really want to do this job, do you?"

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Yes, I think I would excel in this role.

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