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are you a good cleaner?

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yes i am, i am exceptional

What chemicals should I not mix together for cleaning

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What would your former or current employer say about you? Do you drive? What salary are you looking for? How many hours are you looking for? How soon can you start? Why do you think you would be an ideal employee? Are you planning on returning to college or university? What cleaning experience do you have?

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-Why did i leave your last employer? -Are you able to work in Canada? -What do you expect the pay to be? -Have you ever been charged with an offense?

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If I thought the job was beneath me because of prior experience

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How many years I have been driving

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One set of questions was: Answer these situations with examples from your own experince; - What to do when there is a conflict with another employee in the workplace - How do you respond to changes in the workplace - ? forget

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