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On a demandé à un Civil Engineering...21 octobre 2017

Can you tell us a little about yourself ?

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My name is yenu kumar from acc jamul I have graduate BE in civil engineering

My name is siva nagaraju im coming from Vijayawada and i staying Vijayawada i have graduate BE in civil engineering Moins

My name is junaid. I'm from jammu and kashmir,presently I'm staying in Bangalore sarjapura road,i have done my B.E (civil). Moins

Southern Cooling Tower

Do you have any experiences in RCC structure construction?

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No, I say no.

Yes. I have worked on a project of 2 multi-storey building.

Are you willing to work up in Wyoming? As the company office is based in Loveland, CO.

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Yes, I would be very willing to visit job sites in Wyoming.

Yes I am willing to work in Wyoming

Summit Engineering (NV)

How do you feel about the fact that the winter months don't always yield 40 hour weeks?

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As long as my insurance isn't affected I'll use the time to upgrade my certifications and or do work in the community. My mortgage is low and my hobbies are cheap. Moins

Advance Testing

In your own words what makes a job complete.

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A job done to the best of your ability without cutting any corners and putting forth everything you can to get it done right. Moins


Soil Compaction, Concrete test and asphalt testing methods

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Jusy YouTube: Compaction test with nuclear gauge for granular and asphalt, Slump test, Concrete Air test, Concrete sampling in molds Moins


Tell me about a time when you had to supervise other people

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I will work with them as a team and family and as a supervisor I’ll give advice which help to everyone and inspired that how to work in team. If people is working in one as a team there is no need of supervisors. Moins

US Army Corps of Engineers

How to find an answer to something I didn't know.

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Depended. Software I might use built-in 'help.' Also, the use of the internet.

Santa Clara Valley Water

What does safety mean to you?

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What is the value of diversity?

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