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Power Digital Marketing
On a demandé à un Chief Strategy Officer...8 juin 2022

Talk to me about customer retention

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Customer interviews, NPS data, engagement rates from emails and product usage. Apparently, this were awful answers… Moins


* Take me through your resume, reasons for applying, why Accenture, etc... * Case consisted of calculating the net income for the year of a coffee bean importer based on wholesale price of various coffee beans. The company was divided into two sales categories, one premium and one "average". The candidate is required to ask follow-up questions about the cost of production etc. to get the whole picture.

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I arrived at the correct figure by calculating the net income of the company as a whole in one go. This was appearently wrong, as the interviewer called me up the next day to tell me that "Yes, your answer was correct, but we wanted you to calculate the profits of the two divisions separately and then add them together". Because of this, I was not offered the job. Thats what they told me at least. Accenture appeared to be more focussed on whether or not the candidate's approach was in line with their "consulting method" (which would have taken me longer) rather than arriving at a correct conclusion. Moins


What do you love more, business or technology?

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Businesses that are not in love with technology themselves will eventually become irrelevant and are not a place I'd like to work at. I would rather have the best of both worlds. Moins

Tinkers Technologies

How do you plan to contribute to the company?

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I answered about my plans for the company when I join.

Charter Global

Am I capable to do the job?

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How fast is your internet?

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Please excuse me from making a bad decision

Saatchi & Saatchi Group

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Bank of America

Insights around investment banking and wealth management trends.

Saatchi & Saatchi Group

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