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On a demandé à un Chemistry Technician...16 avril 2018

CV and experience in greater depth

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Is it worth working there?

Not unless you like to be mistreated, bullied, or one occasional attempted assault by the director or managers.. Moins

I answered by talking about several machines and systems I maintained and improved, design and modification work etc. But they didn't seem to understand basic engineering terms or technical information. Moins

Aakash Educational Services

Are you willing to work any where in South India? (As this is exclusively done for south India)

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Hi..... Is there any language barrier in demo?

Miquel Costa

Are you thinking to stay in Barcelona too long?

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I think they were looking for for a lie.



Have you heard of Glassdoor?

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I said I haven't heard of it. So one of them advise me to go home and check out the company on glassdoor. So I did and now writing my first review about them now. Moins

u are very lucky that you weren't given an offer! congrats that you don't have to put yourself in this dumpster company Moins


When the next graduate student(s) start on my project, what would I tell/suggest to them?

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Does this position in process team?

How many interviewer were there in your interview process?

Delbarton School

Teaching background.

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Summary of relevent experience.

University of Notre Dame

Wanted to know technical skills.

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I said what my technical skills were and what ones I would like to learn.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

common behavoiural questions and some technical questions

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study your csmls notes

San Bernardino Valley College

How do you prepare any acid dilution?

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While wearing PPE, or the acid into the water.

Lewis & Clark Community College

Describe a difficult situation with a student and how you handled it

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Described an unusual cheating incident, told how I'd immediately handled it, and what I do now to prevent similar incidents. Moins

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