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On a demandé à un PPD Chemical Engineering...17 septembre 2018

How many jelly beans can fit into a swimming pool

3 réponses

Depends on how big the pool is.

All of them.

Depends the volume of pool and how many jellybeans are available.

Air Products

Are you actually going to graduate on the date you specified on your resume?

2 réponses

For me, not exactly. Just tell them clearly what your plan is so that they know.



Can you Speak French?

1 réponses

No sir..

Provenance Consulting

Tell me about (points to specific experience on my resume)

1 réponses

I answered all the questions using the STAR method.


Why do you want to work for Nexen?

1 réponses

Very interested in Oil and Gas, especially upstream which is what Nexen does.

A case study on a coffee maker, explaining how it worked.

1 réponses

I explained it briefly then did an energy balance


What do you know about the contributtion towards profit making?

1 réponses

What do you expect from us?

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

What do you know about us?

1 réponses

I provided a brief summary of what I knew about the company.


What's your biggest Strength/weakness?

1 réponses

Take me through your resume and explain everything.


Tell me about a time when you failed.

1 réponses

Be honest, tell them you failed at something, how you overcame, and what you learned. STAR method, they love that. Moins

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