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On a demandé à Product Manager...17 mai 2022

Como elabora discovery? Como acompanha métricas? Como orienta time desenvolvedor? Planos para 2; 5 anos?

Remessa Online

O que você precisa para analisar essa situação


Your team can build a, b, or c. What do you choose and why?

Mercado Livre

Conte uma situação que você teve que fazer uma mudança

First Republic Bank

What interests you in First Republic?


Describe how you gain consensus on complex technical initiatives?

Pure Sunfarms Corporation

How do you feel about cannabis industry?

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Just reviewed past experience but again interviewer wasn’t engaging.


What is your experience with data gathering.

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I use SQL to look for data that is already out there or create my own.


Why are you looking for a change? Tell me your weakness? How do you use PMO on projects?


Describe a situation where you...?

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