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On a demandé à Channel Sales Manager...27 décembre 2013

Can u Join Immediately???

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The company is appointing the employees as a designation of Branch Manager, Area Sales Manager, Channel Sales Manager, Business Development Manager and etc and offered them the good salary packages and after one or two months of there working company fired them without intimating and without paying a single penny or salary to there employees by saying that they are not working properly. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY, THIS COMPANY(FORUN EXPRESS COURIER & CARGO LTD) IS A FRAUD COMPANY. THIS COMPANY IS BLACKLISTED NOW. THIS COMPANY'S CHAIRMAN R.K ADHWANI IS FRAUD, BLACKLISTED AND A CRIMINAL BACKGROUND. PLEASE BEWARE OF THE COMPANY AND THERE EMPLOYEES. Moins


Thanks for sharing

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Liberty Power Corp

What's your 2nd biggest weakness?

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I forget what I said - I think it had to do with my being too formal on the first impression. The interesting piece was that this question followed the obvious What is your biggest weakness question. Moins


how do I think that I will contribute to the company?

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my experience fit the requirements.


The asked my if I can run direct sales (in contrast to the position with was pure indirect sales)

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I like customer facing sales quests and I can run in full direct mode if needed


Can you tell us about one of your bigger successes ?

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I had this question in 2 different interviews. For the first one, I choose an example of a successful channel hunting campaign that I could talk about easily, because it could not cause any competition conflict . For the second one, a more recent example of success, explaining why my action was determining and leading to measurable success. Moins


targets are always high acording salary

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what is your idea about your country market? how about SMB markets and offices?

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I completely answered questions, but I think the interviewers really didn't know what they really want! In future ii find out that they have stress that it possible I work with Cisco or another company!! Moins

Epson Europe

descreva como venderia este equipamento?

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multiplas formas, sempre com objectividade e conhecimento da realidade comercial da companhia Moins


This was a new position that was created. I had total autonomy to develop the position and execute. I had an excellent reputation with the hiring manger so they knew my capabilities and that I would be able to develop a successful go to market strategy.

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Explain a time I was given constructive feedback and how did I handle it?

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Related to prior position and offered example.

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