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Duke University Health System
On a demandé à un Health Center Administrator/Practice Manager...6 mars 2016

How well you get alone with others. Huh, I was a social worker for 7 years, a Practice Manager for 15 years and have been in departments when I had to supervise up to 30 people. Really that's the type of questions you ask me.

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Yes these people are over kill and their pay system is week for such a large system. Do your research with them because you will jump through hoops without the pay. Moins

LMAO, these people passed up a Practice Manager with 20 years of experience and the person they hired lasted 2 months on the job. Wow, told you these people are overkill and just don't get it. I am so happy they passed me over because I got a job at John Hopkins in Florida. Moins

As a social worker with 7 years of experience and a Practice Manager with 15 years of experience I get alone well with others. Moins

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Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

Do I think watching pornography on work computer is OK sometimes? (or something to this nature) Is it OK to sometimes pass around racial or sexual jokes or emails at work? Do I flirt or put my hands around someone at work I may be sexually attracted too? Ridiculous questions, uncomfortable. I was beginning to wonder where and what I was really applying to. I have never had this experience at a job let alone final expenses insurance claim position.

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Very inappropriate & unnecessary, sounds as if company may have been exposed to this type of behavior from ex/present employees and is looking for constructive feed back on how to handle it....does not sound like a company that I would want to work for Moins

The whole interview/pre - employment process including the assessments needs to be more validate, reexamined and the survey of the whole pornography, sexual content completely taken out. Moins

Vertava Health

Are you competitive?

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Bank of America

Haven't I been told in the past that I am over qualified for positions, how do I feel about it.

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Yes, however based on the current priorities in my life, I feel that my skills will be best utilized in this position, Moins

The Virtual Call Centre Network

What Call Centre Experience do you have?

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2 years

Over 15 year sales customer service and complaints

Check Into Cash

Why do I think I would be a good fit for the position.

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My customer service and managing experience

I feel with my background in customer service and management experience would be a nice place to start. I could then lead the company in the right direction on building a great customer base by recruiting and delivery great customer service to the customer Moins

Bank of America

How would you handle being given a branch that is underperforming?

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Good answer but one of the best ways to start fast is to start with higher energy in the branch which improves communication with the clients as well as the clients becoming more open and receptive to offers. You can make the biggest impact, fastest impact which will help uncover the more complicated items that need to be resolved through training, performance review, role plays and team goals. You can't wait for the time to get meetings scheduled to make improvements you have to do things that have immediate impact! Moins

I would analyze my associates approach with each customer. Take notes on things the did correct and things they need to work on. Sit them down individually and help them learn the proper sales process and customer service skills needed for this industry. If this step fails I would repeat and role play. Moins

National Grid

Why do you want to work here?

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Your company offers a vital service that affects millions of customers.

I love communication Connecting with. Complete strangers and troubleshooting getting problem solved Moins

Kansas Department of Labor

A series of "What does your manager say about your (skills, qualifications, and abilities)?" questions.

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I answered with a generic response followed up by a real story from experience backing up my response. Moins

What is the link to apply? I've found it before but CANNOT find it now.


Are you flexible enough to work during night shifts?

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I said yes.


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