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On a demandé à un Class A Cdl Truck Driver...11 décembre 2019

How do you maintain a safe driving environment?

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Keeping my office (truck) free from depression, focusing on the road, and using these little gold nuggets below while operating my commercial motor vehicle... • Get the big picture • Leave yourself an out • Keep your eyes moving • Make sure they see you • aim high in steering Moins

All my knowledge of safe driving practices throughout my driving experiences


If I want to be a team player

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Yes, willing to learn and adapt plus bring my experience to the table


CR England

About my driving record, and if I would take a drug test and physical

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yes I drove myself but they offered transportation which I respectfully declined

CPC Logistics

What type of position are you looking? Can you drive at night> Are you familiar with traffic route in California? How many reportable traffic accidents have you been involved? Tell us about an traffic accident you were involved in where you disputed fault. How did you resolve the dispute?

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I explained that I had no knowledge of the accident claim, and that I felt the claim was staged for financial gain. Moins

Millis Transfer

How far do you live from the terminal?

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I live 20 mins away.

Millis Transfer

Would you like to do regional or OTR?

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I said I wanted to do OTR then they relayed the benefits of being OTR

Carilion Clinic

Questions were asked that how many hours can I work would I take a full-time position would I take a flex position would I be open to working at night what did I like about the interview that would make me want to take an exact this job at this present time.

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The way I responded to their questions was I would like to have the sex position for starters to see how this goes to see if it into this great team and environment and ask what was the pain what would be my time off and what they would expect from me. Moins

Is my CDL current and violation free. Can I pass a background check and can I pass a drug screening. What prior background in the industry do I have and how I would contribute to company objectives.

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Yes and gave a short history of my experience.

Shamrock Foods Company

Do you have a class A?

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Clean Harbors

How much pay I think is beneficial to me.

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I had mentioned the most I can get reasonably .

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