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Holiday Inn
On a demandé à un Catering Sales Manager...2 mars 2017

Tell me about yourself.

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I am 25 years and hard working

My name is nzubechi Emmanuel madueke am 25 years old and a hard working person i love to help in domestic work Moins

I gave some dreamy, pie in the sky, sunshine and rainbow answer about wanting to provide an amazing experience for all guests and how much I loved making people happy. Moins

Marriott International

If you have no hotel experience, be ready with customer service examples and how you solved. For sales, just have #'s ready.

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i'm communicative. I like to get interactions to everyone. I have soft skill for explore every problem which connect with the consumer complain so I can solve the problem correctly. how will I do? the Indonesian people is popular with their patience and friendlies. If we did it, surely the foreign tourist or domestic tourist will be please with our care. With good communication and the best solutions for customer, every problem can be solve directly and nicely. Thank you. Moins

Hi,.,might be able to give an explanation to how to talk openly about the shortcomings and advantages if it was me, so the tourists can probably understand it that every job is not all can do it perfectly,.,.thanks Moins

Trumbull & Porter

What job are we talking to you about?

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Yes, they really had to ask this. Turns out I applied for job they weren’t really hiring for! Moins

I experienced pretty much the same thing. The ad said urgently hiring for banquet server. Turns out it snowed outside and their outside business is no longer there. The interviewer gave me a 4 page paper application to fill out. Did not introduce herself at all at any point. She was not focused at anytime on the interview. She seemed like she had never done this before ( google how to interview) . She told me that they would be hiring in the spring and right now they do one to two events a week, sometimes they have food and sometimes it can be one person 😂😂. This woman has no clue, seriously. I told her I was here for a job today, so spring was not a option I plan on having a job then 🙄. I left knowing this place has no business. They are completely unprofessional and unorganized. Do not waste a second of your time. After I left I called her and told her to throw away my application. She hung up on me. Moins

Constellation Culinary Group

What are you looking for?

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New opportunity

Pastry chef job

Martin Wine Cellar

Tell me about yourself? How old are you?

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Well I told them about myself and my age even though that it is illegal to ask my age. Don’t believe me, check that with the EEOC. Moins

Hello mam & sir I'm MARLON SANTOS 42yrs old male I'm willing to apply for a cleaner or anything in the kitchen I'm work hard for kitchen staff I'm from Philippine Moins

Ovations Food Services

I was asked to leave my currect employer without notice.

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No, I do not burn bridges

No not at all

Protein Bar

What is your sales process and can you relate that statistically to an example from your past.

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I had increased catering sales by 2% in a former role. My process was through Linkedin research, followed by networking and building new relationships, continued contact with my network, and knowing how to meet their needs. This included a lot of cold calling, face to face contact, asking for referrals, and building my own pipeline. Moins

Lancer Hospitality

what do you know about lancer?

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Run for your life!

Marriott International

What did you do before this job? Explain your home life? What do your parents do for work? Are you married?

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Pretty sure most of those are illegal to ask!

Zoës Kitchen

You have 40 Hours a week, how do you plan to spend that time growing our Business.

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By Attending Networking Events, Meeting with Clients, Etc.

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