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United Brotherhood of Carpenters
On a demandé à un Carpenters Apprentice...1 mai 2016

can i please see your identification?

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Tutor Perini Corporation

Who am I? Where do I come from?

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Telling them about my self a tiny bit, and I got judge due a disability. But I know who I am deeply that it made me ignore them with a smirk. Focusing. Moins

Lee Industrial Contracting

are you subject to getting lethargic?

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I get lethargic when there,s a lot of waiting around on the job site with nothing to do Moins

Lydig Construction

I don't recall specific questions, however I believe something was asked about why I choose to go into carpentry.

Cutter Construction

Skills? Transportation? Career goals? Hobbies? Family?

Northwest Carpenters Union

The most important thing they are going to ask you about is your past construction experience, so they can determine what level you come in as an apprentice, or a journeyman.

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