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On a demandé à un Senior QA Test Architect...18 septembre 2020

Write a program and corresponding test suite.

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I wrote the program and test suite to ensure that it worked. The program and the tests all worked perfectly and according to specification. Moins


1. How you will design Test Automation Framework. Describe individual elements. 2. Take two strings - ABCD and DBCA. All the characters of one string are present in string two. Write a method to verify such two strings with multiple such kind of possible strings. 3. Paytm type application is given and asked what all verifications will be there for all the components of the application. 4. Write a program to verify number is prime or not. 5. 5x5 matrix is given and asked to write a program to enter 5 values on any grid.

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I have answered all the questions very well and talked about different patterns which you can use in Automation framework development. Interview process went more than 3 hours, they drained everything out of me, still they rejected me. I am still in Shock!! Moins


The process consists of 3 stages: - background check - test task - panel interview

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Answered enough well to feel myself confident


Basic Selinium Webdriver Questions. How will you add 2 numbers without using third variable. Explain your Automation framework.

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a=10 b=20 a=a+b;

Denali Advanced Integration

mobile automation end to end knowledge

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Please give a brief introduction about yourself

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I introduced myself especially about my major, my expertise and my project in school in school. Moins


How do you verify whether pages are loaded completely.

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by applying check points for headers , text etc


Being into performance Testing team, how will you write whole project status in 3 lines.

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Not Sure if this come under my responsibilities. Being a focused group into performance engineering, I am more liable to provide status or sign off on application performance, risks associate and mitigations plan. Moins


Difference between Vector and ArrayList

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A Vector defaults to doubling the size of its array, while the ArrayList increases its array size by 50 percent. Vector is synchronized where as Array is not synchronized. Moins


For the technical: started with a simple question then added constraints. Other questions were about my previous experiences, what I wanted to build at Schoology, etc.

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I totally bombed binary search, which under normal circumstances I can do in my sleep. This was my first interview in years and my brain just shut down. Although my interviewer was pretty good and I think he recognized that. Otherwise I got the impression that everyone liked what I had to say. Moins

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