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On a demandé à un QA Manager...1 décembre 2023

QA Processes and People management specific.

Vitesco Technologies

What would you do if you need to escalate someone?

Sila Solutions Group

Basic questions, really like straight managers vs hybrid Manager IC


How I achieved successes listed on my resume.


How to come up with different quality strategies for different projects? How would you know?

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Research, past experiences, understanding client needs, knowing industry standards etc. Moins


Wie/Wo anrangierst du dich ehrenamtlich?


Profile Introduction Stake Holder Management Process Improvement Management Client Management Process Implementation


Why did you come to China?

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Previous work experience, questions why you apply, what kind of training do you need, plans for the future, questions what do you know about ASML

Ally Financial

What test automation framework would you recommend for front-end automation for a Java web based application that also has a need for API automation?

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Selenium Web Driver with Java for the front-end and Postman for API

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