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Five Star Senior Living
On a demandé à un Licensed Practical Nurse...7 mars 2018

Why do you want to work here

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I have heard excellent things about this agency

What’s the question?

Heard great things about this agency

AdventHealth Redmond

If you saw a co-worker doing something wrong, something that you knew was against policy and ethics, what would you do.

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Follow chain of command and report first to immediate supervisor.

If the violation was minor and the situation warranted; I would inquire of the co-worker if they knew what they were doing was against policy/ethics. Otherwise, I would report to the proper chain of command. Moins

You should always report anything against policy and most definitely unethical, it happens daily and people say nothing Moins

Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society

how do you deals with stress

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On the job stay calm and focus on work detail, relaxing activity on break.

no commant

Methodist Senior Services

What would you say defines "serving older adults in the spirit of Christian love"

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Opportunity to give to others the love and acceptance that I have been given.

Putting yourself in their position, you would want someone to care, comfort and love you as well. Everyone deserves to be in a loving and caring atmosphere Older adults have paved the way for many of the younger generation so now its time to return the favor and treat them with respect like the precious gems they are. Moins

Holy Redeemer Hospital and Medical Center

Why did you leave your last job

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I needed to get out in the field yet stay in hospice

Consulate Health Care

Nothing. I wasn't asked any questions. It was more of the nursing manager making small talk

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Hi, thank you for the feedback about your experience. We are interested in helping find a resolution to this solution for you. Please let us know which care center you interviewed at. Thanks. Moins

I interviewed at the center in Williamsburg, VA

Consulate Health Care

Asked about previous experience, while current position was discredited (travel nurse, something that requires a high level of skill and confidence). Then asked about salary requirements. That's it!

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I told them about current and past experiences, but was rushed to salary where admin pulled out binder and told me minimum base pay for skill level below mine. I objected said I would qualify for a higher rate of bay based on years of experience and emphasized additional years in medicine under a different license which she said didn't matter. When I told them I needed at least $21/hr she said they've never paid someone that much! (That's a $7 pay cut w/o the additional perks I get currently). Moins

$21 is standard in FL.


Have you worked in a correctional facility

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NoWorrked in a forwnsic facility.

No, but have worked in forensic facility.

MHM Services

Have you ever worked in a corrections setting before?

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The Department of Corrections does the background checks- State government does Not get in a hurry to do anything.. lol Moins

Jackson Health System

If a patient states that they are being abused by a CNA, what would you do?

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Contact Risk Management and the Charge Nurse.


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