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On a demandé à un Junior Customer Success Manager...21 janvier 2021

Q: What would you say others would consider your biggest weakness?

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Probably organizational skills. I can get a bit messy.


Achei super interessante perguntarem se eu me considerava uma Guerreira.

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Pude contar um pouco da minha história e falar porque me considerava uma guerreira, que foi devido tudo que tinha passado em minha vida, para chegar aonde cheguei. Moins

Too Good To Go

- Reasons why I would like to work for TGTG - How would I handle a client who wants to stop collaborating with us because of costs and bad reviews on its shop

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- Because I strongly believe in TGTG missions - I would try with a cooperative appraoch, understanding why client wants to leave and giving him hints on how to improve our collaboration Moins


"O nome do cargo é importante para você?"

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De forma alguma, o que a Doctoralia me admirou é saber que valoriza seus funcionários para que eles cresçam junto com a empresa. Moins


Can you bring an example of coming across a disagreement with a manager and how did you resolve it?

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I brought an example of an instance that was medium risk when the disagreement was resolved by talking in depth about the issue. Moins


- Describe a situation where you had to work with another team to solve a problem?

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- Described a situation and what the issue was, explained the action taken and how it was solved in detail in cooperation with the other team, finally stated the qualifiable outcome/ result Moins


Role Play of a situation is part of the interview process. The situation is provided in advance - to showcase how the applicant would handle this situation.

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- prepared notes according to the role play details provided, short transcript of how the role play could go, what is the main objective of the role play / what skills are tested Moins


What is important to me when it comes to teamwork.

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To me, appreciation, respect of time and supporting each other is very crucial. Since we are the face to the customer, but also are in the front line when things go wrong, it is so important that we as a team work together and lift each other up. Moins


Are you okay with us pushing the start date back 4 months? Can you un-quit your job?

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Quais são suas qualidades e em quais aspectos você precisa melhorar?

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Minha qualidade é ser proativa, no entanto, tenho dificuldade em gerir minhas expectativas. Moins

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