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On a demandé à Customer Success Manager...22 octobre 2017

Standard interview questions inline with what you would expect for the CSM role, customer interaction - etc. Logic Test was fairly straight forward, applied mathematics - high school stuff.

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Are you native Japanese? or foreigner?may be they hope native japanese speakers. Moins

Not Japanese but have lived here for 20 years, so linguistically native. But you are right that CEO locally would seem to prefer Japanese Nationals. This is fine, would have been nice to know earlier. FYI I also had a Japanese test which consisted of translating a Nikkei Shinbun article and commenting which I passed. Moins

Hello, The feedback from our Japan CEO for you was indeed that you seemed "laid back", meaning less engaged and driven than he was expecting. This has nothing to do with age or nationality. We are a global company and we hire all nationalities and all ages, as we grow worldwide. Thank you, Moins

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Larry is taller than Sue. Sue is taller than Harry. Harry is the tallest, true or false?

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A bit frustrating since they don't know you and will make an assessment based on how you score. I don't think a test can say anything about you except that you are either good or bad at testing. The real world works differently. But I guess it is where we're heading. If you haven't seen Gattaca, the movie, you should - I'm sure in the very near future your ability to do a job will be based on your DNA profile. Moins



What is your leadership style?

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One approach doesn't fit all scenarios, so better you develop wide set of styles as per scenario needs. In other words, be a transformational (aka Agile) leader Moins

As a leader, it’s important to be approachable and knowledgeable in your field. Understanding the work and communication styles of your employees is crucial, as you’ll need to assist your employees daily in a manner that is effective and efficient for their own unique learning style. My door is always open for my team members who request guidance, and as an effective leader, I should always be able to provide guidance and feedback that feels understood to them and their needs. Moins

Collaborative and friendly


Do you know why I am interviewing with you? Normally I don't interview for your role.

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I think that's very valuable to understand candidates

I think that's very valuable to understand candidates

"I am not sure, I wasn't given much detail about this particular interview."

Crossover for Work

Puzzle and Pattern Questions; Grade-Level Math; Random Vocabulary

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0 ▼ If you need help passing the CCAT (hardest part of the process in my opinon) I passed it by studying ruthlessly. I found this site that has the same CCAT as crossovers and just took that a bunch of times. crossoverccat[DOT]com I recommend this for anyone that has the proctored CCAT coming up. The salary is $15 / hr which is really good in my country. 40 hours a week min/max. Moins

I actually prepared with the same resource as the guy above me, that site has litterally the same questions Moins

If you need help passing the CCAT (hardest part of the process in my opinion) I passed it by studying ruthlessly. I found this site that has EXACTLY the SAME CCAT as crossovers and just took that a bunch of times. CROSSOVERCCAT(dot)COM I recommend this for anyone that has the proctored CCAT coming up. It is the SAME test as CROSSOVER for WORK I woulden’t have been able to pass without it! Moins


Why do you want to work at Microsoft?

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-diversity and inclusion -accessibility -corporate social responsibility -culture Moins

Hello, as an MS employee I have created an interview prep guide for Microsoft interviews, based on my and my colleagues' recent interview experiences. The guide has questions you should expect along with our answers that got us into Microsoft. You can find it here: (please do not forget to also look at the reviews at the bottom of that page). Thanks and good luck! Ryan Moins


Write-up, case-study

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How was the presentation? do you have more information on that? Would be great, thanks_! Moins

Hi! Can you tell how long your case study was? How many pages and what you needed to write about? Moins


During the case study - the role of the customer is to push back on the customer success manager regarding data quality and spending money on a vendor to fix the problem.

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I would illustrate to the client an example of bad data and the poor decisions that can follow. We've all heard about clinical studies where the understood results were later refuted or reversed. These examples can illustrate how important it is to be asking the right questions, capturing the right data and analyzing the results with the most clarity. In order to get to the outcome where the data set is trustworthy, we have to invest in the analysis - early on - before trouble strikes. The longer term view will always pays dividends over short term savings. Moins

The CSM should demonstrate to the customer the costs involved in having poor data and show that fixing the problem is less expensive. Moins


If you had to win 2 out of 3 games, would you first play a) a pro, your best friend, then a pro OR b) your best friend, a pro, and then your best friend.

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1. I would play the pro to understand how they strategize in the first game. 2. Test competitive strategies with my best friend on the second game. Considering he is my best friend, and he knows i need this, he would probably let me win for the bigger picture. 3. Last game with the pro using my tested strategies to win the pro. You may choose your friends and battles in life but you not your competition, learn from your friends and battles to gain experiences to achieve positive outcomes against your competition. Moins

Option A - figured I would have a better chance of learning from the first pro in order to win the last two games Moins


What am I looking for in a company?

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I was looking for growth opportunities, teamwork, and a positive atmosphere.

A small company that is agile and innovative.

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