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On a demandé à Business Analyst...1 juillet 2010

I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100. You have 3 guesses. Go. Then I was asked to do it again but this time I would receive £100 for getting it on the first try, 50 for the second and 25 for the third, obviously nothing if I didn't guess.

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Seems like 1) do you get frustrated easily. 2) how quick can you think on your feet. Moins

No the point is to figure out that you have to ask for the 50-25 combination in order to have the best possible chances in your 3rd try. Moins

On my first go I answered 50,(lower), 25,(higher),38,(nope).It was 42. On my second go I answered 75,(lower),25,(lower),13. It was 11. Moins

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Mu Sigma

Having to write the logic for a program to create and serve masala dosa for 100 people was very unexpected.

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how did u wrote that logic pls tell overview

can u tell me the topics for aptitude test and gd?

eed to concentrate more on average, ratio&proportion, time&work for apti!!GD is on-spot. Moins


Q2 There are 2 trains A and B moving towards each other. A is at a speed of 100kmph B is at a speed of 70kmph. There is a crow sitting on train A and when A and B are 200km apart from each other the crow starts flying towards B at a speed of 30kmph. How much time Will it take the crow to reach B.

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But still when u r calculation train B is not a rest..we have to consider its relative speed ! Moins

2 hrs although I answered in a fluke but it was correct later i understood the concept of relative motion and it became easier. Moins

Sorry I am not satisfied with the Answer As according to Relative Velocity Concept The Relative speed of Cow w.r.t B will be (100+30) + 70 = 200kmph and the distance is 200 Km So basically the time taken will be 200/200 = 1 hr. Kindly give solution to this Moins

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eHealth Ontario

15 minute technical written test around various computing technologies. How would you prioritize your work load? How do you keep up with technology? Why do you think we should hire you?

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Sure. I have no idea what department you're interviewing for but just keep in mind my department was basically technical IT. I was given 15 minutes alone to answer a multiple choice test regarding IT networking technology, architecture, Linux etc. The in-person interview that followed was basically just standard HR questions. They asked things like "How would you handle situations under pressure?", "What do you do in your spare time?", "How do you react when given *this* work situation?" Moins

I am not an eHealth employee anymore nor was I the individual above but those were the questions I was asked as well. I wouldn't know what an IT business analyst would be asked in terms of diagrams, but I would assume it to be something generalized and nothing too specific. Moins

Mu Sigma

how many knock-out tournament can be played between 10 teams?

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could u pls brief me it is possible??

let's say there is one winner, so he played 9 games with each one of them to defeat all. Moins


What, based on your experience, would typically prevent you from achieving your goals.

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The only obstacle that would prevent anybody or I from achieving success is yourself. All positions have challenges, that's why different levels of positions exist. You are the on,y thing that can stand in your way of success. Moins

One reason could be that in working to reach goal A, you found evidence to suggest that what you really wanted to accomplish was goal B. A 'pivot' Moins

In a work environment, company priorities, which changes day to day and most of the time, things have to be moved aside. Personally, there are plenty of things that can come across in our life, but whenever one is focused in achieving a particular goal, the person will find the perfect way to get it. Is just being focused, passion and organized. Moins


A candle burns in 5 minutes. how do you measure 2.5 minutes

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burn the candle from both the side on same time...

to measure just draw a line in the middle of the candle, to save the candle to burn more than 2.5 minutes, place it inside a glass of water where its level is exactly the middle of the candle. Soonest the water reach the fire, the candle will no longer burn, and you had your 2.5 minutes. Moins

pull out my iphone

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What is the difference between retail and global wealth?

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Have you heard back from them yet?

Has anyone heard back from them yet?

Yes received offer Nov 18

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Mitsui & Co.

Given the current macroeconomic variables, what effect would an interest rate hike have on _____, ______, ______, and ______.

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What the heck?

The blank fields were abundant, ranging from housing prices to stock market indices. Moins


J.P. Morgan

What is the most embarrass situation you have ever met?

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A story in my internship. Make sure you have enough stories to meet all the 'embarrass' questions. Moins

No wonder they asked this question!

I'm not surprised there was no job offer. Your grammar & spelling are terrible, and on a job website no less! If you spoke like you wrote, you'll never get a job at a corporation like Chase. Moins

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